Monday, January 28, 2013

Wrapping up my first month! A True Filipino I'm becoming to be. . .

Whew!  So just wrapping up my first month here in the PI and I learn everyday!  I never though I'd say this. . .but, I'm becoming more FILIPINO!  HA!HA!HA!  It's in my roots after all. . .I love the Pilipino people and the people I serve...

I realized as I was washing dishes one day that I can't teach the people if I'm not a part of them... I was told I didn't have to and also discourage that learning Ilocano at the same time of learning Tagalog will confuse me. . .but, I feel so inspired to learn.  I feel that it'll help the people trust me when I share my thoughts and testimony with them as I try to help them.  My companion and I continue to learn and it takes so much courage to talk to people that I can't hardly understand.  But, whenever I open my mouth, I trust that I'll be filled with words to say. 

Time seems to be going muuuch faster since I decided to change my attitude and focus more about the mission.  Things are more clear, I can see ahead, and I know how to help people better!  I'm excited for the coming month!  There's a baptism on the 9th and 2 more on the 16th.  With the help of my Savior and the Holy Ghost, I've invited this beautiful couple and young sister to change their lives and enter into a covenant with our Heavenly Father.  There's a few more that have been invited but, my companion and I are steadily preparing 'em.  It's a lot of work!  Faith in Jesus Christ isn't as easy as I thought. . .true conversation is one's decision.  I've never experienced that until right before my mission.  Until then, I cling on so desperately to the strength that others had in the gospel.  I pray so hard every day and night for our investigators to receive the message.  It works some days, and harder on next. . .but the work is going great.  I hope to see a huge spurt in the growth of my branch here as my companion and I do our best to work!

FOOD?  It's weird, my companion (who is amerikano) would cook rice and a filipino dish like sinigang, adobo, and other stuff like that. . .and the days I cook comes out burgers and fries. . .ganun. lol

So far, I'm good and I'm learning how to be frugal.  Missionaries have an abundance of support compare to the local people. . .it humbles me and I do my best to live providently.  I don't need the extras. . .I just need the basic.

Anyways, I love you all!  My companion and I are schedule to go the city next week, so I'll develop some pictures and send them home.

Thank you for keeping your commitments!  As you continue to keep the commandments of daily prayer and scripture study by yourself and as a family, you will reap the blessings from heaven and God will open doors of inspiration, strength and wisdom to you all if you continue to do it everyday!

Ingat lahat kayo. 

Love Always,
Elder Sablan

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