Monday, February 11, 2013

"as if a candle or gasoline had been thrown into a fire"

Hey Pop!

Great to hear from you, I'm more grateful than anything to read a
letter from my old man more than anything. There's so much taking
place here, I don't know where to start and where to end! There's
going to be 3 baptisms this coming Saturday, and I feel so blessed to
have been the one to invite those 3 to enter this new sacred covenant
with their Heavenly Father. I feel the power of your prayers. Thank
you so much for keeping me in your busy busy mind throughout your day,
because I rely greatly on the strength of you all back home. These
baptisms would certainly not be taking place if it weren't for the
added strength I get from back home. That's been confirmed to me over
and over again as I work everyday. :)

I thought I'd share a spiritual experience with you as well:
Ever since I arrived in the MTC, I didn't know I had my patriarchal
blessing on me (I failed to noticed that my wise and diligent mother
stored it in the binder with my shot records...). With that, I was
yearning to read my patriarchal blessing, so I made plans every week
to request them so I can read it. For some reason, I'd always forget!
Up until 2 mornings ago when I was getting ready. I was grabbing the
clothes I was going to wear for the day when I saw the binder sitting
there in my closet. I decided to open and look at it just to see what
was inside. I found a dead spider in one of the pockets... my mission
call, and then I flipped the page and found my patriarchal blessing! I
was so excited and read it right away. It was so strong, my blessing,

and I remembered the feelings I felt inside when I had first heard all
the promised blessings Heavenly Father has waiting for me. I was so
enlightened and encouraged, and even though I was motivated to do
great before, I am even more motivated now, like as if a candle or gasoline 

had been thrown into a fire, to do much better and continue to improve. It came
at such a perfect time. I knew that Heavenly Father was telling me
that these 3 upcoming baptisms aren't the end of my work, and it was
only just the beginning of many many more great things to come!

So, in short, my game face was on, but now I have war paint! HAIL!
(Saying that in Tyler Harris' voice... hahaha!)

Anyways, hope you're not too busy with callings, work, and errands :)
I remember how you were never too busy for me. I
thought about how much time I could have and should have spent when I
was home. Those moments where you get home and watch tv by yourself
would have been perfect moments to sit next to you and just soak in
the relaxing ambiance and laugh about something weird (because you
always say something weird...) and share your memories from the dino
days. Love you pops!


Elder Sablan Jr.

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