Monday, January 28, 2013

Family & Friends

Family and Friends
About the PI- It's been pretty switchy with the weather around hear. Some days it rains, some days it shines. Either eay, I thought it'd be worse! Lol! I love my area though. The Branch is small, with about 60 to 80 active members a week. My comp and I are looking for more ways to progress the work hear, because we both know, and especially me, that this area has a very very special spirit about it. God loves the Sta. Teresita Branch! I just know it. My tagalog is... mmm... well... kind of tagalog. Lol! I wasn't too surprised, but a lot of people here understand english. I'm not sure why, but they just do. Even with that, I try to use as much tagalog as I possibly can, pero, hindi masyado pa... Lol. I've amped up my goals this week to try and improve my skills faster, we'll see where that takes me. Really random, but, me and my comp killed a rat this morning... it was about 5:30am when my comp woke me up. There was a brown out in our area, and he said he heard something in the bucket that woke him, so we went to go see, and it was a rat! It kept trying to jump out of the bucket, (and let me just say... rats got michael jordan kind of hops...) so we doused him in this poison thing all missionaries are issued to killed bugs, left him outside in the bucket, then fell asleep for about an hour. Lol... yeah... it died... I felt bad, but, we both didn't want it in the house! So yeah. The end. There's a lot of things that would make me come back here and visit. I wish I could've packed you all in my carry on so you could really get of a feel of the things I see everyday. With that, I will bear my testimony in Tagalog to close.

Kaibigan at pamilya ko, maraming salamat para sa panalangin at suporta ninyo. Nagpapasalamat ko po para sa lahat ninyo, at and mga biyaya araw araw galing sa panalangin ninyo. Alam ko po na, nagbebless ng dios sa akin dahil maraming mga reason. Alam ko po, Ang simbahan ni jesucristo ng mga banal sa mga huling araw ay totoo. Nagdasal ako tungkol ito, at nagtanggap ko ang sagot mula sa dios. Nagdarasal pa rin ako para sa lahat kayo, at humingi ako para sa dios pagpalain lahat kayo. Alam ko po and aklat ni mormon ay salita ng dios at si jesucristo, at ang aklat ni mormon ay naglalaman ng kabuuan ng ebanghelyo. Tunay ang dios at si jesucristo, and buhay pa rin. Mahal na mahal tayo ng dios, talagang, talaga. May pananampalataya ako sa dios, at ibinibigay siya sa akin ang akin kalakasan. Mahal na mahal kita ko lahat kayo. Suwerte na suwerte rin!

Sabi ko ang mga bagay na ito, sa pangalan ng anak ng dios, ni jesucristo, ang tagapagligktas natin,

Elder Sablan

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