Monday, January 28, 2013

12/25/2012 DJ & Soana "Surprise! The Big Package

Excerpt from DJ's email: 12/25/12
"Goooood news. I met Soana as soon as she arrived! Story: My Disctrict had a hosting assignment that cold and icy day. (I was pretty down being that I was having a hard time with language and was being challenged with my investigators here in the MTC.) I asked my companion if we could leave early so we can head back to residence because I had a headache and wasn't feeling well as well.... also, I can't explain or it's hard to describe but, it felt like I knew something was coming but, didn't know what... So, I began walking outside and I was halfway to my assigned hosting spot when I looked up and noticed a very particular figure walking up my way. Soana? SOANA!!! I ran up to her and gave her the biggest hug ever (meanwhile freaking out all the other missionaries because it's totally BAWAL (Forbidden) to touch a Sister!) and here I was hugging her "Sister Lauaki Sablan" Ha!ha! Gee! i have some explaining to do! As I was not expecting her... no one knew not even my companion that my sister was to be at the MTC a week before I was leaving. I am so glad for the opportunity to be with my siblings at the MTC.. (Dylan & Soana) Soana and I have the same lunch so We sit by each other at meal times all the time, and bump into each other frequently. She gave me all the gifts from home (Thank you thank you thank you)!"
"What a great and pleasant surprise ~ I feel so very blessed! ~ The Lord truly knows how to answer prayers! She was all I needed to feel the love of you all as I was pretty much feeling very homesick during this first Christmas away from home ~"

****Elder Sablan is now traveling to Laoag Philippines as we speak and during his transit and lay over in NY the family had a chance to talk to him and he further stated:
"Mom! When you told me I was getting a Big package for Christmas! I was thinking to myself how big can it be? And what can it be? since I pretty much have all that I need for my mission. I had no idea it was my sister Soana you were talking about. Ha! ^_*

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