Monday, January 28, 2013

12/18/2012 The Story of the Candy Bomber and Spirit of Christmas

I find it a blessing to be here in Utah during the winter.  The air is crisp and chilly, just like Seattle would be right now.  Everytime I walk outside, Itake a deep breathe and look up at the sky and ask Heavenly Father to send my love back home for me.  The overcast never lasts though without being interupted by sunlight.  I'm not sure if anyone has a chance to watch the BYU broadcasts of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  I think they sing once a week because they always have a showing here in the MTC every Sunday.  This last Sunday they showed a really cook concert they held at the Sale Lake Conference Center.  I only had the chance to catch only the last 8 minutes of it or so. . .but it was still awesome!  They had the entire choir and orchestra, dancing, and just performed flawless and beautifully!  They told a story of a man who they called "The Candy Bomber" and how he flew over poverty stricken area in Germany during World War II and dropped candy over their towns.  They they showed him now. . .92 years old, and wearing a flight suit.  Super cool!  They closed with the song "Angels We Have Heard on High" in a different version.  I was so overwhelmed and full of Christmas Spirit, I couldn't help but cry throughout the whole 8 minutes.  My heart ached so hard in regret for not being more involved and appreciative of my family these past few years.  I ached at the thought of holding you all and offering each one a genuine "Merry Christmas" to you all, and saying how much I love you.  Especially Mom & Pop!

*Sigh!* The Things I would do to hug you all and just spend 30 minutes to sing, bear testimony of my knowledge of our great and all powerful Lord and Saviors Birth.  I love HIM, I know HIM, and I would die for HIM as HE has for me.  Blessed is HIS name!  My soul is full and my heart is softened because HE has healed me with HIS love.  Words cannot express how I feel, so I serve with the Exactness HE would have me serve with.  I am born of God, as Alma the Younger, I am humbled because I have been broken and HE redeemed me!  I fear nothing now because HE leads and guides me.  I am His and am in debt to HIS mercy and atonement. 

Christmas...blessed is the day, for our God gave us HIs only and begotten!  The world is safe and we are all able to receive life!  I understand the meaning of Christmas now.  And although I wish to receive the blessing of this very important day of worship with you all, I am prepared to receive the spirit of redeeming love in my heart this winter.  So just know I'm doing well even though I practically fall to pieces when I think of my family.  HAVE A MERRY DAY IN COMMEMORANCE OF JESUS THE CHRIST'S BIRTH!  Maligayang Pasko!  Mahal na Mahal ko kayo! 

With Prayers Always. . . .
Elder Sablan

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