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12/11/2012 Who's excited for Christmas?

Who's excited for Christmas?!  I sure am!  I'm amping for the Christmas devotional here, I can't wait. . .there are plenty of rumors of who's going to visit the MTC for Christmas, pero hindi ko alam (I don't know).  All I know its going to be a member of the Twelve or possibly and maybe Pres. Uchtdorf, Eyring or the Prophet himself Pres. Thomas S. Monson!  Pero, Masigla ako kahit sino sa kanila ang dumating para bumati o bumisita.  (But, I am happy who ever comes to visit us missionaries here at the MTC).

I don't have much news this week.  Other than the fact that I really can't wait to be out in the field.  1. because I feel like I'd progress out there a lot quicker with the language, but also because?? FOOD!!! I miss having rice for breakfast! Lol

Here is a message for those who are preparing to go on their mission!  Namely, Soso, Carmen, Nia, Casey or should I just say everyone!  HA!
Well, GET READY FOR A BAND-AID PEELING FEST!  It starts with getting peeled from home! from your family! from your facebook and instagram! from your best friends!  Then you come out here and you fall in love with your District and your Zone, then they all go to the field!  and you are left here until its your turn to be peeled away!  I can just imagine as I have yet to be peeled away from investigators and members who I know I'm going to love.  So I say. . .get use to it!  I now see why they said that you have to rely on the Lord.  It's heart breaking.  To be honest though, with that realization and understanding I don't feel the blankness inside me.  The District that just left, I only cried during the sacrament meeting when they sang "Nearer My God To Thee" in Tagalog because I felt the spirit.  It was so beautiful, and I was so happy for them to accomplish what they came out here to do.  To leave the MTC nest and spread their wings and just fly.  AH!  I wished I was leaving with them.  Those were my best friends out here.

Christmas Spirit.  It's so hard to feel now a days because it seem,s a little redundant.  Shopping! Cooking! Cleaning! Worrying!  It's chaptic!  I watched the December Devotional where the General Authorities made their addresses, and I can't say I know how to make Christmas as pure as they surely know how.  But, I do know that its all about the heart. Buong Puso! (Whole Heart) As said here in the MTC.  But, it's true!  No one should have to feel stressed or worried on Christmas.  If you feel stressed, then don't do it.  Do everything out of love.  Sing, Dance and Laugh! In the end, remember to observe the purpose of Christmas.  This isn't news though, so I know that Christmas will be great.  Don't worry, be happy! :)

Alam ko po na, totoong tagapagligtas si Jesucristo.  Alam ko na nais po ni Jesucristo na masaya ang lahat sa Christmas.  Ibig ko po Pasko sobrang masigla.  Nais ko po na masigla at maganda ang Pasko nyong lahat mga pamilya at kaiibigan.  At sana po ma feel nyo and share sa lahat ang spirit nang Christmas.

"I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior.  I know that Jesus Christ wants everyone to be happy on Christmas.  I want Christmas to be a happy time.  I wish for everyone family and friends to have a happy and beautiful Christmas and I hope that you will feel the spirit and share it as well."

You're in my prayers
Elder Sablan

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