Monday, January 28, 2013

December Pictures - Got to have some FUN!

Fireplace, Hung up stockings, and laid out some presents from home :) my stocking is the black ankle sock with the tape on it. . .it made everyone laugh!  :O ha!ha!ha!

 Elder Howard (Santa hat) had his Momma send us some sparkling cider so we can party hardy! >;D
 Bottoms up! 
 Oh yeah! 
Super Sneaky Santa Elder Howard and I (Zone leader) decided to play some trick on the sleeping Elders. . .lol
Wondering why I'm sending you pics of keys and ID's?  Super Sneaky Santa all the Elders in our Zone in the middle of the night and drop gifts off for them.  And...I just so happened to be the mastermind behind the heisting of the keys!  MWUAHAHAHAHAH!  Shhhhh. . . .lol

 The Aftermath. . . ha!ha!ha!

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