Monday, January 28, 2013

01/06/2013 - 1st Week in the Philippines

Nandito na ako!  (I am here!)  Sobrang masaya ako, kahit medyo pangit pa akong magtagalog. LOL  I am so happy although my tagalog is not yet great.

We had a day to spent in Manila and My travelling companion Elder Challis went to the Manila Temple.  The temple wa really pretty kahit na maliit (it was small) but, the spirit in there was strong.

Manila Traffic is crazy!  But somehow, I felt safer there than US Highway Traffic. Ha! Trips from Manila to Laoag are by plane now which was awesome. Way faster, and I didn't get sick.   
My mission President Julius Jonah Flores Barrientos and wife Maria Lourdes Barrientos
Just a picture to show you a general idea of the Laoag Mission.  I am in a small branch called Santa Teresita Branch.  Maraming (Many) less active members and surely there is a lot of work to be done.  Okay lang sabi nga nila the harder I work, the prettier my wife will be, oh di ba? ha!ha!ha!  joke lang ^_*  

Laoag Mission Home - when I arrived all the new bees (missionaries)went to the mission home.  We placed copies of the Book of Mormon in Laoag City.  Grabee! napagod ako!  Turns out I don't have to learn Ilocano, but it'd be nice to . . . we were assigned our companions, took picture then left for our areas.  Mahabang bus ride. . .blegh!  5 hours!  We ate. . .I ate Adobo and Rice and it was really good but, not as good as Momma's cooking :D, we planned, we slept, and went out to teach the next day in a little farming town called Areduan.

Bahay Kubo - Nipa Hut
Astig na kalabaw! - Water Buffalo
 My companion (Elder Moffat) - astig sya and he seems to know what he is doing.   We are the farthest from the mission home, almost all the way on the north eastern part here.   The homes are close to what we call nipa huts which are mostly made out bamboos, ply wood or concrete with tin roofs.  No CR's ang banyo o kubeta sa labas nang bahay. (outside toilet)  They have water pumps outside the house, most of the house have no plumbing inside.  The mission do take care of its missionaries. . .we live in a pretty big house. . .all alone by ourselves.  It's orange. . .which stands out like a huge pumpkin. . .ha!ha!ha!  joke lang!  But, I hear it is the nicest one in the Laoag Mission.  It's kind of creepy at night though, I'm so used to having curtains over ALL the windows.  The cr is maliit.  No tub, you just stand up and shower.  Thanks for the chinelas (slippers) btw they really help!  I know why pinoys wear them all the time now. lol 

Sobrang sobra maganda dito dahil tahimik ang lugar (it is beautiful and peaceful place) Maraming Bukid (Mostly Farms) They are mostly farmers and they work all day in the bukid.  People are nice and friendly and very humble.  I am always ask to pray since I was new, even up til now. . .which is fine because I need to practice my tagalog anyways.  I LOVE MY FIRST AREA!  O sige!  Tapos na.  Hanggang sa susunod ^_^  That is all. . .until next time.

Bukid - Farm

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