Monday, January 28, 2013

Surprise!!! Elder Sablan meets Elder Sablan in Narita Airport

 So, I actually didn't expect to see Dylan at the airport in Narita.  Way cool!  I had just gotten out of the "CR" or "Toilet" as they refer to it in Japan. . .lol which btw, I tried using. . .Heh! it sprays your "bottom" puwet pala! (Japanese Bidet (pronounce also a bu-dei) Toilet)ha!ha!

Anyways, Elder Challis was waiting for me outside because I took a few extra minutes to brush my teeth and wash my face as well (no not in the bu-dei ^_* lol)

As I walked out of the CR. . .he (Dylan) was standing right next to my travelling companion Elder Challis!  I was shocked to see him and my first thought was "Dylan your kalbo" (bald hair) alright who gave you that hair cut? ha!ha!ha!  Anyways, I think he misses me giving him a haircut maybe he tried to do it to himself or what. . .but, anyways, I'm going to give him a lesson 101 on giving himself a haircut or he will just have to see a Barber in the Philippines. . . ha! ^_* We greated each other pretty warmly and we had time to catch up and he told me all about his experiences in Alabama.  We only had an hour lay over in Narita but, we boarded the same plane to Philippines and got to stay at the same hotel. . .although we had different rooms. . .We had breakfast together. It was a short but, nice bonding time.  He left the next day with other missionaries destined to go to Bacolod.  My companion and I stayed another day in Manila and we had a chance to go to the Manila Temple.   

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