Wednesday, November 21, 2012

11/13/2012"My mission is a mission, so keep my mission a mission!"

My schedule is so booked, I really have no time to think of home. Which is good because I don't have to think about how much I miss everyone and everything. I will write individual letters this week and send them home too along with your b-day card. I love you so much momma!
Family and Friends:
     Time flies by, this second week feels like I just got here yesterday, but feels like I've been here for a month. Thank you for all the prayers! I went to the temple today, and I was crying as I was praying in the Celestial Room because I was overcome with good feelings. I knew that was the Holy Ghost comforting me and letting me know how much you guys love and miss me. I felt invigorated and motivated to work harder for blessings.
     The language is getting harder. I broke down yesterday because of how awful I felt during a lesson with an investigator and I did not say a word! I knew the Lord was humbling me and shaping me. I thought about what the Lord would have me do, and I felt that my time here in the MTC is not to be idled away with worrisome thoughts of home or other matters.
     Someone said something great during the sunday devotional. He said; "The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." Funny, yet very very true. My mission is a mission, so keep my mission a mission! For behold, this is God's work, and God's glory, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. HOORAH FOR ISRAEL! So far, I've never missed a day to pray for each and everyone of you guys. Even my old coworkers, and my friends, but I always say each and everyone of your names and ask special blessings for you all. Even Bailey boy! :)
Thank you Ate Carmen, Nia, and Soso for writing to me! <3 i miss you guys so much, and I'll be sure to reply to your dear elders letters very soon!
I want to challenge our family to read the book of mormon and pray EVERYDAY! Yes, you all are busy, yes, you all are tired. But I feel it only proper to invite my family first to partake of the sweet fruits of this gospel. This is my calling for two years. I can promise that if you all do this everyday together, we will become more united. More loving. More Chirstlike. What beautiful family we could have if we set 10 minutes aside for the lord each day to read and pray! The blessings are real! Let heavenly father open the heavens for us!
I look forward to p-days when I get to write to you. I feel closer as far away as you all are. Thank you for taking care of my Bailey boy! I find it hard to sleep without my little buddy at the foot of my bed.
Nagmamahal sa inyong lahat na pamilya ko!
Elder Sablan

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