Wednesday, November 21, 2012

11/20/2012 "The Gift of Tongue" Such a true gift. . .

Pamilya ko! (My Family)
     Kumusta?! Maraming salamat for the package! MY FAVORITES WERE IN THERE! I was so excited to recieve a package, it was unexpected and very much appreciated. Maraming maraming salamat! (Thank you very much!)
     There's so much that's been going on. my companion and I are teaching tatlong (3) investigators ngayon (today)! AYEEEE! So much to prepare at wala nang time para ihanda lahat aming liksyon! STRESSED AKO! Lol. But,  I've learned to rely so much on the lord. He has been a huge part of my daily life. I never knew how much I could depend on him. The work is hard, but the blessings do more than add up to the equivalance to what my kasama at ako (my companion and I) do. We pray for EVERYTHING! It seems kind of silly at first to pray for all these things all the time, but We're pretty desperate for help. Koloob ng mga wika (Gift of tongue). Such a true gift! I remembered an Elder that just left who said that if I'm obedient, and work my hardest, God will manifest himself through my knowledge and understanding. Medio konti lang ang intindi ko sa language (I only know a little bit of the language), pero (but), all is well. Walang anuman dahil (no worries because) I have sobrang pananampalataya (so much faith). I'm learning to SYL or Speak Your Language, so I'll be writing home in tagalog a lot more often.
     I just sent my letters home today, hope you recieve them soon. HAHA! Pop was totally right on Bro. White being called the new Bishop! Give the new Bishopric my love!
     Nia and Ate Carmen. I know that you are both getting ready to work and submit your missionary papers. "The field is white and all ready to harvest", and ye are called to the work. Pero, the blessings that come with being prepared are so great. Do not procrastinate! Act as if you were already called. If I had known THEN what I know now how much harder missionary work would be, I would have been way more serious about preparing myself prior to my arrival here in the MTC.
     Thank you so much family for your love and prayers, and for taking care of Bailey. Thank you for all and everything you have done. Apologies for not sending pictures last week dahil, I couldn't figure out how to send pictures on these computers. MAHIRAP! (Hard as in complicated) Lol. But I'll keep trying to figure it out because there is a way apparently. I've been getting better at picture taking. My fellow Elders and Sisters consider me the photographer of the bunch and think I have an eye for beauty. pero, I'll let you guys see what I've been taking. Maraming salamat (Thank You very much) at mahal na mahal ko kayong lahat mga pamilya ko! (I love you very much my family)

I love you Lola, Pops, Momma, Tonga, Ate Shanel, Ate Soana, Ate Carmen, Nia, Casey, Tupo & Ading (Baby Sister) Carlotta. I pray for you all each day and still haven't missed an oppurtunity to ask for blessings upon you all.
Ingat po (Take Care)! Til next weeks! :)
-Elder Sablan

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  1. DJ!!! I love reading your experiences at the MTC. Learning at the MTC is so fun, spritual growth happens so fast and soon you'll be feeling like it's time to go out and teach and spread the good works, until when you go out it's a different story. You are going to be the greatest missionary you can be! Appreciate your posts!!! Love you and RWH!! :)