Wednesday, November 7, 2012

11.06.2012 First Week @ MTC

Letter to Mom

Momma! <3

It's so nice to hear from you! I miss home so much... I never realized how much I loved Seattle until I realized I was going away from there.

Before I start, I want to thank you and pop for everything and all that you do. I love you and pop, you guys are so amazing. I feel the spirit when I ask for comfort and reassurance when I start to miss the family. It usually happens during the night when I lay in bed, I just stare at the bunk above me deep in emotion and thoughts. Then I pray, and I'm able to fall asleep.

Thank you for putting my room away, I somehow knew that I should do it, but you would want to do it for me. Lol. Please send me family photos and please include some with Bailey in them because I miss my Bailey boy so much too. I'm going through Bailey withdrawals at night. Lol, joke lang. Please make sure someone is taking care of him!

HOORAH FOR ISRAEL! SIOSIANA LAUAKI IS GOING ON A MISSION! Give her hugs for me, and tell her congrats. A mission is an awesome thing, and it will change her life. When does she leave for the MTC?!

As for mission life, I love it! The people are so kind and generous. Tuesdays are P-days for my district, so we go to the early morning session at 6:15. My companion forgot to bring his temple recomend, so we had to run all the way 3 blocks from the temple back to residence, then back to the temple. The zone leaders, Elder Tate, and Elder Blodsoe waited for us. I was so touched by their love for us. Everyone went, but they stayed so they can be with us. The food is good! (But it will still never replace momma's cooking... or Nia's, or Ate Carmens... or even Soana's... HA! ^_* JOKE LANG! Lol.) I'm holding up well. I feel so greatful, humbled, and honored to be here preparing for one of the biggest journeys of my life. I'm so humbled to be an advocate and proxy for the lord. To let him take a hold of my life for 2 years and use me as a vessel to accomplish this great and marvalous work. My testimony has grown a ton! We had our fast and testimony meeting on Sunday, and I was so amazed at how strong the spirit is in each and every one of the Elders and Sisters in my zone.

I bumped into John Lim from time to time, and he's doing fantastic! He's such a handsome Elder... Lol. Not just that, but a spiritual giant. I love that guy. I wish I had more time to spend with him over here, but we are on the Lord's errand, so socializing can wait.

I've been taking lot's of pictures, and I hope to send you some next p-day! The Elders in my zone think I have not just a knack, but a talent and vision for photography. I think I might take it up. :) But I promise to send pictures next week!

Spiritual thoughts... to be honest, I see miracles, and blessed lives everyday. Since day one, the spirit has been with me. I know it, and I feel it within me. I continue to learn and I am growing each and everyday.

My companion is named Elder Challis. Great man! He loves God, he's obedient and he's going to the same area as me. We're both so excited to serve together here in the MTC while we're here. I bump into Dylan once in awhile. He seem's to be doing good, but our schedules are a bit different, so we have no real time to spend with one another.

The language is going okay. I think I'm decent for less than 1 week in the language. But I'll share my testimony in sa tagalog. It'll be choppy, and short, but I know it to be true. Here it is:

Alam ko po na totoo at mahalaga po ang aklat ni mormon, at simbahan ni jesucristo namin. Mahal Ko ang Diyos at si Jesucristo.
Sa pangalan ni Jesucristo,

I'll admit that it's hard watching elders and sisters recieve mail and packages and I have to wait until p-days to check e-mail :( (if you use I will get your mail faster at least while I am here at the MTC) but, no worries...I remind myself to lose myself in the work. Forget everything, and do not dare think about coming home until I know the time has come.
Take care, all of you. I miss you all so so so so so so much! And I love you all.
Do not fear, because I am out here on the Lord's errand. For I know that the Lord will provide a way for me to do his will. Mahal na mahal ko kayo aking pamiliya! <3

God speed and much love,
Ang iyong anak.
Elder D. J. Sablan

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